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The Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic specializes in helping to Reduce Pain, increase your Range of Movement, and to speed recovery time from training and injury.

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Ilan Rossanis- Adv Dip. Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy and bodywork are my life. I’ve been treating people since the end of 1988. Seven years earlier I was operated on my Lower Back for a Herniated disk, that prompted me to find a way to help other people with back pain. This lead me to discovering the amazing affects that massage therapy can have on the body, not only did it help me but I have used it as a way of helping thousands of people for more than 20 years.
Myotherapy- Deep tissue, Sports massage, Myotherapy, Reflexology techniques and stretching are methods I use while treating.
A good massage treatment can enhance blood flow to the injured area, which coupled with the appropriate stretch can help restore a better Range of Motion (ROM), and in turn can help the patient with basic functions and meaningful occupations like; getting in and out of bed, in and out of a car, driving a car etc.
Since my past experience with back pain, I can empathise with my patients and understand exactly how they feel. Witnessing people’s quality of life improve before my eyes is inspirational and motivates me to continue to keep a high standard of therapy for my patients.

The Best Ways to Treat Hamstring Injuries

By Thomas C. Michaud, D.C.,Updated Jan. 18, 2016

Of all the running-related muscle injuries, Hamstring strains are the most likely to become chronic. More than two-thirds of runners that strain their hamstrings will suffer re-injury within one year. With stride lengths exceeding 14 feet, sprinters are especially vulnerable to re-injury. Almost always, the hamstring strain occurs just before the lead foot hits the ground, when hamstring tension peaks to resist forward motion of the swinging leg.

The Hamstrings

Even though the Hamstrings consist of four different muscles (Fig. 1), runners almost exclusively injure their outer hamstring muscle, the long head of the biceps femoris. The reason for the higher injury rate in the outer hamstring was a mystery until recently, when researchers from the University of Wisconsin determined that because the biceps femoris muscle attaches lower down the leg, it is under greater strain while the leg is swinging forward (Fig. 2).

In an MRI study evaluating the location of hamstring strains in different athletes, the only runner to injure a hamstring other than the biceps femoris was an older man who severely strained his inner hamstring muscle while performing stretches prior to running, not while running. This is consistent with research showing that dancers almost always injure their inner hamstrings, which are very sensitive to stretch injuries.
As with most injuries, the single best predictor of future injury is prior injury, possibly because the injured muscle heals with less flexibility and/or impaired coordination. Because of the exceptionally high recurrence rate associated with hamstring strains, rehabilitation of this injury must be comprehensive.
In an impressive study evaluating the success of different treatment regimens used in the management of acute hamstring strains, Marc Sherry and Thomas Best prove that compared to a protocol of static stretching and conventional hamstring exercises, an exercise regimen including agility and trunk stabilization exercises produced significantly better short and long-term outcomes (see Table 1 for a summary of these exercises).

Table 1 exercises

In contrast to conventional rehabilitation, the agility and stabilization group returned to sport sooner (22 days versus 37 days), and suffered fewer re-injuries during the first two weeks after returning to sport (55 percent of athletes in the conventional rehab group were re-injured, compared to no re-injuries in the progressive agility and trunk stabilization group).
The beneficial effects of the agility and stabilization exercises were even present one year following return to sport, as 70 percent of the athletes treated with conventional stretches and exercises were re-injured, compared to only 7.7 percent of the athletes completing the progressive agility and trunk stabilization program.
Because fatigue increases the potential for hamstring injury while running, I tell runners to briefly stop to stretch their outer hamstring during long runs. The stretch illustrated in figure 3 isolates the biceps femoris and it is typically held for 15 seconds with the knee bent at different angles.

Stretch for the Long head of Biceps Femoris m.

In a two-year study evaluating the efficacy of hamstring stretches to prevent injury, scientists demonstrated significantly reduced rates of hamstring strains in Australian Rules football players when the stretches were performed during workouts and competition. This study suggests that occasionally stopping to stretch the outer hamstring during your long runs may lessen the potential for re-injury, especially during the first few months following the initial strain.

A frustrating complaint following hamstring injury is a “toothache-type pain” that occurs near the upper hamstring while sitting and driving long distances. This pain is the result of hypersensitivity in the scar tissue that forms in the strained muscle-tendon junction of the upper biceps femoris muscle (Fig. 1A).

The Hamstrings Muscles

Rather than treating the pain with over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, which can interfere with tendon remodeling, a more effective approach to repair the tendon is to perform deep tissue massage directly to the muscle-tendon junction of the upper biceps femoris.

Using electron microscopy, several animal studies have shown that deep tissue massage stimulates tendon repair. Another important way to repair the upper hamstring tendon is with heavy-load eccentric exercises. The exercises shown in figure 4 isolate the upper portion of the biceps femoris muscle. My favourite is the one illustrated in figure 4C. By tilting slightly to the right, you can really feel the left biceps femoris tense. I recommend 3 sets of 15 repetitions and the resistance in figure 4C can be increased by holding a weight between your arms.

Fig 4.

While waiting for a hamstring injury to heal, it is important that runners avoid prolonged wet-vest running in a pool. Although excellent for maintaining aerobic capacity while recovering from stress fractures, pool running fails to adequately stress the hamstrings, since resistance provided by the water forces the quadriceps to pull the lead leg forward (i.e., contract concentrically), while the hamstrings are stressed only while pulling the leg back.
This is in contrast to conventional running, when the hamstrings fire eccentrically when they lengthen to stop forward motion of the lead leg. By failing to strengthen the hamstring eccentrically, pool therapy often results in rapid hamstring re-injury as soon as the runner attempts to run fast. The best way to avoid eccentric hamstring weakness is by performing the exercises illustrated in figure 4 daily.
When you get back to running again, it is important to wear comfortable and lightweight running shoes. Because the weight of the foot has such a long lever arm to the upper hamstring, a heavy running shoe greatly increases strain in the upper hamstring during late swing phase and should therefore be avoided. Heavy motion control running shoes can really be a problem if eccentric hamstring weakness is present.
Lastly, until the hamstring tendons are strong and flexible, you should shorten your stride and increase your cadence while running. As long as you’re not running too fast, it is usually possible to continue running even during the early stages of recovery. By being consistent with a thorough home program, you can usually get back to full-speed training within a few months and your potential for re-injury will be greatly reduced.

High Hamstring Tendinopathy Injuries.

By Mike Roscoe – Kinesiologist SBR SPORT
Push your leg backwards so that the movement happens from the hip – among other muscles, your hamstrings are now in action.
Now, with your knee hanging down, pull your foot up toward your glutes – your hamstrings are in action.
The reality is that these muscles work really hard, and are particularly prone to injury at their origin. An injury there is called either a high hamstring tendinopathy or a proximal hamstring tendonitis.
The injury doesn’t happen to many people, but those that have it have an uphill battle on their hands to get rid of the injury.

A little bit about your hamstrings.
I wrote a blog about your hamstrings a while ago. You can read more about it here – Know your muscles – Hamstrings.
To summarize, the muscle is attached to your tibia below and behind your knee. The muscles then run up your leg and attach to your hip on a bony prominence called the ischial tuberosity. Cyclists often refer to these two bones as the ‘sit’ bones. It is in this area that the injury takes place. Pain is often felt high up in the hamstrings and deep in the buttock.
The area may become irritated when sitting on hard surfaces, when pushing directly on the ischial tuberosity, when running and especially when accelerating while on the run.
A basic hamstring stretch – such as the one pictured below – should cause pain in the area. It is also possible that an MRI could spot a thickening of the tendon or swelling of the bone.

How to treat it.
Soft tissue work is advised to break down scar tissue. Direct compression of the actual bone should be avoided.
Chiropractic adjustment is also recommended to correct any pelvic tilt abnormalities.
Hamstrings should be stretched daily. Stretching needs to be gentle.
How long will I take to get better?
You have a long road ahead of you for two reasons.
1. The area has poor blood supply.
2. The tendonitis of the high hamstrings is degenerative as opposed to inflammatory. This means that the fibres have become frayed and disordered.
We have seen runners return to full training after 8 to 12 weeks. These runners have typically come in weekly for soft tissue release, and have been committed to a stretching and strengthening program.
According to Lasse Lempainen, an average recovery time of 5 months can be expected with some athletes taking up to one year to recover fully.
Is it worth getting a cortisone injection?
An injection into the tendon is not advised. However, it is possible to for an Orthopod to guide a needle toward the area via an ultrasound and thus not damage the actual tendon. I would only use this as a last resort though.
In some cases, athletes can resort to surgery. There are dangers involved with this, and you might want to discuss this move with an orthopaedic surgeon first.
Getting the muscle strong again.
As you begin to recover you need to get strength back into the area. Exercises such as cycling and swimming can be looked at. Specific bridges, supermen and light therapy band work.
Running can be resumed when you can do a back plank and are able to do leg lifts on both sides. You need to resume running really slowly.

Hope this helps. Let us know if there is anything We can do to assist recovery.

Gwelup Massage

Massage GwelupThe suburb of Gwelup is only a few minutes drive from the Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

The name Gwelup comes from an Aboriginal word meaning “to shift position”, referring to the lake. It was used mainly for market gardens until the 1970s, when it was transformed into a residential suburb.

The land near the lake was first granted to Thomas Mews in 1831, passing through several owners before being acquired by Henry Bull in 1891.

Residential development
From the 1970s, Gwelup transformed from a rural area to a modern residential suburb and only a few market gardens along North Beach Road remain as a reminder of earlier times.

The type and style of residential dwellings within Gwelup varies considerably, ranging from early market garden cottages to recently designed two-storey developments. New subdivisions, including Karrinyup Waters and Settlers Green, contain modern, architecturally-designed homes while along North Beach Road there are remnants of older, rural-style housing, which is gradually being renovated or replaced by new developments.

Gwelup has significant areas of public open space scattered throughout the residential area, offering meeting places and recreational opportunities for the local and wider community.
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Stirling Massage

Massage StirlingThe suburb of Stirling is only a few minutes away from the Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Stirling was named after Admiral Sir James Stirling, the first Governor of Western Australia who explored and colonised the Swan River. It contains the City of Stirling offices, Osborne Park Hospital and the Stirling train station.

The Stirling Village shopping centre contains a supermarket and numerous specialty shops to provide for retail and commercial needs within the suburb.

The many parks and reserves in the suburb cater for active and passive recreation and contain facilities ranging from sports fields to children’s play equipment and lawn bowls.
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Woodlands Massage

Massage WoodlandsThe suburb of Woodlands is only 3 kilometers from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Woodlands is part of the original ‘Woodlands Estate’.

In 1842 the locality was recorded as ‘Jackadup’, which was the Aboriginal name for the area. This was later adapted to ‘Jackadder’, the name that is still borne by the lake at the centre of Woodlands.

Development in Woodlands began in earnest in the 1960s and growth is still occurring, as the Floreat Lakes Estate to the south east was only subdivided in 1991 and still contains vacant land.

To echo the title of the suburb, many of the streets in Woodlands are named after trees such as oak, elm, birch, sandalwood and willow.

Woodlands is well serviced by parks and reserves. The most significant open space surrounds Jackadder Lake and provides primarily for passive recreation.

There are several smaller parks in the locality, including Sweeting Reserve and Woodlands Reserve.

The neighbourhood retail area is called ‘Woodlands Village’ and is conveniently located in the centre of the suburb.
The locality also contains two primary schools and a retirement village, while entertainment is provided by Event Cinemas on Liege Street.
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Mt Hawthorne Massage

Massage Mt HawthorneThe suburb of Mt Hawthorne is only 10 minutes from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Mount Hawthorn was first selected for urban development in 1887. James Hicks subdivided the land in 1903, and called a portion of the subdivision Hawthorn Estate, as he had recently been in Melbourne and stayed at Hawthorn.

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Joondanna Massage

Massage JoondannaThe suburb of Joondanna is less than 10km from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

“Joondanna Heights” was originally selected as the name for this suburb in a competition. In 1954 the name was shortened to Joondanna, which is believed to have been the name of a farm owned by early settler Mark Banks. The area saw rapid development in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Joondanna contains a number of small shops to cater for daily grocery needs. The largest park within the region surrounds the water tower on Roberts Street and Albert James Park also provides for passive recreation. Joondanna also contains a primary school and a home for seniors.

The water tower located on Roberts Street is a significant element of the landscape and is highly visible from surrounding areas. The well-landscaped section of Wanneroo Road that borders the eastern sector of Joondanna provides an attractive gateway to the area.
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Karrinyup Massage

Massage KarrinyupThe suburb of Karrinyup is just around the corner from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Karrinyup is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘the place where bush kangaroos graze’. Rapid growth began in 1957 and most of the houses are relatively modern.

Land at Karrinyup was first granted to Samuel Moore in the early 1840s. Development of a golf course began in the late 1920s.

The Karrinyup Shopping Centre provides the commercial focus for the suburb and contains a wide range of retail services. The area also hosts many parks and reserves, including both public and private golf courses.

The Lake Karrinyup Country Club is located to the northeast of the suburb, while the City’s Hamersley Golf Course is situated on the western border of Karrinyup. Numerous parks and reserves offer additional active and passive recreational facilities.

Karrinyup contains several public and private primary schools, as well as Saint Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School. The local population is also provided with a community centre and library.
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Glendalough Massage

Massage GlendaloughThe suburb of Glendalough is less than 10 minutes drive from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Glendalough literally means “valley of the lakes”, as it is located between Lake Monger and Herdsman Lake.

The name honours a Catholic centre in Ireland, where a hermitage was established in the 7th Century. A crown grant for Glendalough and a portion of Herdsman Lake was made in 1837 to Thomas Helms and eventually transferred to Bishop Gibney in 1887, who leased much of it to market gardeners.

Five of the early streets surveyed in the locality, including Leeder Street and Powis Street, were named after passengers on the ship Rockingham.

Glendalough contains little public open space but the suburb is located adjacent to the significant regional recreational reserves of Lake Monger and Herdsman Lake.

There is a small shopping centre on the corner of Powis Street and Harborne Street, which provides for local needs.

Glendalough contains two schools, the Lake Monger Primary School and the Chrysalis Montessori School, as well as a senior citizens home.
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Wembley Downs Massage

Massage WembleyThe suburb of Wembley Downs is only a stones throw from the Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

The name “Wembley Downs” is actually derived from the name of the local golf course and the name was used by residents before being officially approved in 1959. It is a very attractive suburb, close to the beach and lots of parks and trees. The Wembly Downs golf course was named after the suburb of Wembley, which are several kilometres east of Wembley Downs.

In 1927 Wembley Downs was subdivided into approximately 90 lots. Development was slow, due partly to the thick virgin bush and limestone outcrops, which made building difficult. In 1947 the Perth Road Board had to resume 600 blocks for unpaid rates, and these were sold at very cheap prices. However, growth accelerated in the 1950s and by the 1970s the area was almost completely developed.

The suburb is well provided with public open space. The most notable reserve is the Wembley Golf Complex. Luketina Reserve and the Empire Avenue Reserve provide facilities for a range of recreational pursuits including tennis and football.
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Balcatta Massage

Massage BalcattaThe suburb of Balcatta is less than 10 minutes from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Balcatta, meaning ‘his hill’, was predominantly used for market gardening until the 60s and 70s. As residential development progressed rapidly from the late 60s, blue-collar workers began to establish homes in the area to be close to workplaces.

Several parks in the Balcatta area offer a range of facilities, including; Richard Guelfi Field and Jones Paskin Reserve, which both have playing fields, Grindleford Reserve and Macedonia Park, both home to soccer, and the Rickman Delawney Reserve with its own tennis courts.

Four primary schools are located in the area and Balcatta Senior High School provides secondary education for local students.
Significant Balcatta landmarks include the limestone pinnacles on the grounds of Balcatta Senior High School, which were unearthed in the 1930s and 1940s as surrounding sand was excavated.
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Coolbinia Massage

Massage CoolbiniaThe suburb of Coolbinia is only a short drive from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Coolbinia is the Aboriginal word for mistletoe. It was designed for green streets with low-density dwellings, reflecting different eras of residential development. It was named back in 1953 to differentiate the area from Mount Lawley.

Many of the street names within Coolbinia commemorate towns and districts across WA and include Carnarvon, Ardross, Mullewa and Koorda.

Types of housing in Coolbinia include Californian bungalows, art-deco, post-war austerity housing and international-style dwellings. This variety of housing has substantially contributed to the unique character of the streetscapes.

Coolbinia contains a number of small parks (some are located at the rear of properties with entry obtained via access ways) and include Bandy Park and Nissy Mossenson Park.
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Wembley Massage

Massage WembleyThe suburb of Wembley is a just a short drive from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

The name Wembley was approved and gazetted on July 2 1924. In April 1925 the City of Perth suggested that the area should be called “Wembley Park” after the Greater London suburb.

Most of the area surrounding Herdsman Lake was used as market gardens. During the late 60’s and 70’s, owners were asked to give up the rear portion of their lots to the Crown and it was zoned Regional Open Space as well a portion of land to create Moondine Drive in return for a Residential R60 zoning.

Wembley is rich in natural beauty, including Herdsman Lake and Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre. It also includes the multi-use regional reserve Glendalough Open Space which sits adjacent to Lake Monger and Herdsman Lake.
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Osborne Park Massage

Massage Osborne ParkThe suburb of Osborne Park is less than 5 kilometers from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Osborne Park was named after William Osborne, a butcher and elected member of the Perth Road Board. It contains the City of Stirling’s largest employer, West Australian Newspapers.

Many residents of Osborne Park at the beginning of the 20th Century were Chinese market gardeners who provided vegetables for the metropolitan area. Italian settlers continued the agricultural tradition in the area, utilising the swampland with its peaty soils and abundant fresh water.

Osborne Park gradually transformed into a residential suburb in the years following World War II, and the area later began to incorporate industrial uses. By the 1980s, industry had become dominant in most of Osborne Park, with only the north-eastern area remaining predominantly residential.
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Floreat Massage

Massage FloreatThe suburb of Floreat is about 5 minutes drive from the Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Floreat is a residential suburb 8 kilometres west-northwest of Perth. The name of the suburb stems from the Latin word for ‘flourish’ or ‘prosper’, which is also the motto of the City of Perth.

The Floreat Forum shopping centre is located in the suburb. The suburb also sits adjacent to the popular Cambridge Street dining and commercial strip in neighbouring Wembley.

Floreat contains a range of sporting facilities, most notably Perry Lakes Stadium, the peak athletics venue in Perth. It was built as the centrepiece of the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games, but subsequently fell into disrepair, and is in the process of being decommissioned and redeveloped. The replacement stadium, Western Australian Athletics Stadium, opened in May 2009, with Perry Lakes due to be permanently closed soon after. The suburb also contains the headquarters of Rugby WA, Floreat Oval, and the Bold Park Aquatic Centre, with further facilities for tennis, lawn bowls and basketball.
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Trigg Massage

Massage TriggThe suburb of Trigg is only a very short distance from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Trigg was named after Henry Trigg, former Superintendent of Public Works for the Swan River Colony. In 1919 there were only 3 buildings in the locality, and holiday and fishing shacks begin to appear in the 1920s.

Many of the streets in the area were named after former residents and pioneers, as well as local personalities.

Retail facilities are provided at the Lynn Street Shopping Centre, located on the north-eastern boundary of the suburb. There is also some retail development within the Trigg Island Lifesaving Club on the ocean foreshore as well as the Trigg Island Café.

Trigg has a large proportion of public open space, the most significant area being the Trigg Bushland Reserve, which runs through the centre of the suburb. The reserve contains a significant pocket of remnant coastal vegetation and provides a readily identifiable landscape feature. There are also several smaller parks, and the beaches provide a well-utilised recreation area.
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Innaloo Massage

Massage InnalooThe suburb of Innaloo is only a few streets away from the Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

In 1927, the area named Njookenbooroo was changed to Innaloo at the request of the local progress association.

Extensive development in the area began in the 1940s with street names taken from Greek mythology and the passenger list from the ship Rockingham.

The Stirling City Centre contains commercial and retail facilities, servicing the local population and surrounding region. This commercial area includes Westfield Innaloo Shopping Centre and forms a focal point for the suburb.

Located on Scarborough Beach Road, the Stirling City Centre includes shopping and community facilities, as well as restaurants and a cinema complex in neighbouring Woodlands. Many small parks are located in Innaloo. Birralee Park contains a range of sporting facilities and Yuluma Park offers lawn bowls and tennis. The area is also home to a recreation centre and 2 primary schools serving educational needs.
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Yokine Massage

Massage YokineThe suburb of Yokine is only a short drive from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

‘Yokine’ is derived from the Aboriginal word meaning ‘native dog’ and was chosen because the area is close to Dog Swamp.

A housing boom began in Yokine after the war and much of the area around the golf course was developed by the early 1950s.

The Dog Swamp and Flinders Square shopping centres combine to form a major retail focus in the south of Yokine. These centres provide for local shopping needs and contain a range of specialty stores. Yokine also hosts a number of smaller centres to cater for daily shopping.

Many parks are situated within Yokine, the largest being Yokine Reserve. The various reserves incorporate facilities including lawn bowling greens, sports ovals, tennis courts and a community recreation centre. Yokine also contains a major golf course, which caters for local residents and the wider community.
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Nollamara Massage

Massage NollamaraThe suburb of Nollamara is only 10 minutes from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Nollamara is named after the Aboriginal word for the black kangaroo paw plant. It was developed in 1950. More than 2,500 homes had been built in Nollamara by 1969.

Nollamara has a good range of public recreation areas with several reserves offering a range of active and passive recreational opportunities, including cricket and football. Des Penman Memorial Reserve is the largest and most developed park within Nollamara. The reserve is centrally located and offers a wide range of facilities including a community recreational centre and facilities for lawn bowls and tennis.

The Nollamara Shopping Centre is centrally located and provides for local daily needs. Three primary schools are also located in Nollamara.
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Churchlands Massage

Massage ChurchlandsThe suburb of Churchlands is less than 10 minutes from Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Churchlands received its name after the land was sold to Catholic Bishop Matthew Gibney in 1891. European settlement of the area actually began when land was granted to Henry Trigg in 1831 and the Hokin family in 1834.

A significant landmark is Herdsman Lake, an important regional recreational area and wildlife sanctuary offering a number of educational and passive recreational opportunities for local residents and the wider community.

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Doubleview Massage

Massage DoubleviewThe suburb of Doubleview is home to the Scarborough Sports Massage Clinic.

Doubleview got its name because the suburb offers two extensive views—the Indian Ocean to the west and the Darling Ranges and Perth to the east. Development was slow until returning World War Two soldiers were given homes in the area.

One of the first landowners in Doubleview was John Daniel Manning, a dairy farmer who occupied land in 1895 but did not develop it. The northern section of Doubleview was first subdivided in 1910 by Perth real estate agent Charles Edgar Stoneman but land did not sell rapidly and, as street names duplicated those in Perth, many investors were led to believe they were buying in the city centre.

There are a number of small parks within Doubleview that offer both active and passive recreation, including Bennett Park and John K. Lyon Reserve.

Doubleview also offers spectacular views from Ewen Street and the water tower on Princess Street, which is visible from all parts of the surrounding region.
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